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Artists Need More Channels Than Just Streaming to make a Living…

Carlos Diaz October 29, 2014 For Artists, Music Industry No Comments

Determining what an artist makes on the streaming service Spotify is not an easy equation.  According to a recent report by Spotify & explained  by ARS Technica artist pay is determined by Spotify monthly revenue, artist streams vs total streams, % negotiated that goes to master owners, and lastly the artist’s royalty rate.  Of this equation Spotify keeps on average 30% & 70% goes the publishing owner typically the label.  Since Spotify payout formula is an ecosystem it costs new artists when big acts put out a hit.  It clear new artists need many different channels to be successful like terrestrial radio, live acts, merch sales, etc…

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz

Carlos is Chief Revenue Officer at Music Audience Exchange. Previously, Carlos built and operated large sales organizations for marketing and technology companies including ReachLocal, Neustar and Hibu.
Carlos Diaz

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