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Tech + Human: How We Match Brands With Music Artists

As Artist Relations Manager at Music Audience Exchange (MAX), my job involves the process of selecting artists for brand/artist partnerships – which includes everything from analyzing the brand’s needs, to interviewing artists, to executing artist contracts, to just generally being [...]

June 8, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, For Artists, Social Media

For Artists: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When a Brand Wants to Work With You

As an artist, you may at some point be approached by a brand that wants to partner with you – and not in the traditional “I’ll give you money to sing in front of a banner with my logo on [...]

May 18, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, For Artists

Weekly Dispatch | May 4, 2015

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing, and commerce compiled by Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange. FEATURE STORY: Social Conversion: The “Warm and Fuzzy” of Ad-Tech We all [...]

May 5, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, For Artists, Millennials, Music Industry, Music Technology, Weekly Dispatch

Social Conversion: The “Warm and Fuzzy” of Ad-Tech

We all know marketing clients demand performance metrics: CTRs, time on site, impressions, etc. But have you ever watched your client’s face light up when you show him or her some warm and fuzzy social media engagement? Performance stats might [...]

May 3, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, Social Media

Toyota Markets to the Beat of a Different Drum

Brands across the globe are increasingly recognizing the difficulty of capturing consumers’ attention with traditional branded content. Today’s consumer expects richer experiences that are original, engage multiple senses, and that are actually worth their time. Brands like Toyota are well [...]

April 10, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured

Authenticity is Key in Brand-Artist Partnerships

The foundation of any successful brand-artist partnership is authenticity. Without it, messages come across as phony and fall flat, and the critical millennial consumer tunes out (or worse). Artists have historically viewed brand partnerships with a skeptical eye, but as [...]

April 5, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, Music Industry

Content Is King: How Brands Can Capitalize on the New Rules of Content

As marketers take aim at tapping the huge and growing millennial market, it seems that every brand on the planet has developed a content and social media program. However, many brands still struggle to adapt to the new rules of [...]

March 18, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured

McDonald’s + Ex Cops: A Lesson In Brand/Artist Matchmaking

The recent dust up between McDonald’s and the band Ex Cops highlights a tension that exists between some artists and brands and shows the importance of a true value exchange. I won’t chronicle the whole episode, but essentially, Ex Cops [...]

March 11, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, For Artists, Music Industry

Mountain Dew and SoundCloud’s “Green Label Sound: Open Call”

A recent article in Forbes got me thinking about Mountain Dew’s unique place in marketing history and how it arrived at its latest effort: “Green Label Sound: Open Call.” Everyone knows Mountain Dew. Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers and Millennials are [...]

March 4, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, For Artists

From Selling Out to Breaking Out: The Evolution of Artist/Brand Partnerships

From Advertising Age’s excellent series of articles to Gawker’s view that “…the current young generation is being sold wholesale the idea that music and advertising go hand in hand,” to a recent report at Next Big Sound, the consensus is [...]

February 25, 2015 Brand Marketing & Music, Featured, For Artists, Music Industry