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Nick Messitte at Forbes Weighs In On Payola Laws

A couple weeks back I wrote a piece here, on Music Marketing Money, explaining why Payola Laws distort the market in the music industry ensuring that independent artists are rarely heard by the general public on radio and streaming services. I recently [...]

December 7, 2014 Featured, Music Law & Legislation

Fixing Radio

I’ve written at some length about the difficulties surrounding getting your music played on radio. The bottom line is that unless you’re an artist signed to a major label the chances of you getting any significant radio play for your [...]

November 30, 2014 Featured, Music Industry, Music Law & Legislation

Payola Laws & The Greatest Music You’ve Never Heard

The laws and regulations our politicians and governmental agencies put into place can distort markets and restrict our options as consumers. Lately the media has been shining a light on legal protections for taxis and hotels that prevent innovative companies [...]

November 22, 2014 Featured, Music Industry, Music Law & Legislation

The Balance of Power in the Music Industry is a Mess…

Good article (link below) regarding the balancing of royalty payments on streams. It’s a good opening for me to continue a discussion I began last week (see this article on Neighboring Rights) about some music business essentials. In that article, [...]

November 2, 2014 Featured, Music Industry, Music Law & Legislation

Taylor Swift’s Metal Machine Music: How Artists Get Screwed by Long-Term Contracts

I’m sort of surprised that no one (that I’ve seen at least) has compared Taylor Swift’s “Eight Seconds of Static” (see the article on this below) to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. If you’re not familiar with Metal Machine Music, [...]

October 28, 2014 Featured, Music Industry, Music Law & Legislation

Music Business 101 – Understanding Copyright: Neighboring Rights

I’m digging the article from the INgrooves newsletter that was re-blogged by the always great Hypebot (and linked to below). There are some good strategies, and I admire anyone with the fortitude to step into the breach of complexity that [...]

October 21, 2014 Featured, Music Law & Legislation