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Sonic Gems: Don Cherry – Where is Brooklyn?

John Maxwell January 21, 2015 Music Reviews No Comments

Why I put it on: When familiar melodies need cleansing from my brain, I gravitate toward the near-chaos liberation that only free jazz can deliver…

Trumpeter/cornetist Don Cherry’s reputation as an avant garde pioneer (via his tenure with Ornette Coleman) may cause some listeners to steer away from “Where Is Brooklyn?,” but patient music lovers can easily find much to like on this album. Cherry’s previous dates for Blue Note Records featured side-long tunes that took real commitment to fully appreciate. However, on “Where Is Brooklyn?,” Cherry and tenor sax man Pharaoh Sanders get some room to fly, but benefit from the grounding of shorter song forms. As on Cherry’s previous dates for Blue Note, the rhythm section of Ed Blackwell and Henry Grimes provides ample support without getting in the way of the adventurous horns. So even though this is by no means the first avant garde jazz record, it serves as a pretty good primer for those looking to expand beyond structured jazz.  Listen on Spotify


John Maxwell

John Maxwell

John Maxwell is a marketing analyst with Music Audience Exchange and has over 20 years of marketing and media buying experience across a range of industries. John writes about overlooked, yet exceptional albums in his SONIC GEMS column for Music Marketing Money. John has a BA in Public Relations from SMU.
John Maxwell

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