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Weekly Dispatch December 15th, 2014

Carlos Diaz December 15, 2014 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Of Monopolies & the Music Business: “In many respects it’s not only the music services that have become undifferentiated commodities due to Perfect Competition, but also the artists themselves. The music business of the last five to ten years has gloriously democratized the commerce system via disintermediation; allowing anyone with a laptop and the idea of a song to enter the market. However, this disintermediation has created a form of Perfect Competition – there are now so very many sellers of music, and certainly many consumers of music (if not buyers) that it has become increasingly difficult for artists to differentiate themselves”: Link


Brand Marketing & Music

Country Music Association is focused on appealing to more brands- According to the CMA, country’s fan base has increased 31% in the last decade. Unfortunately there is still a disconnect with the industry that lives on the coasts not in the heartland. One big advantage of country is the lack of drama from the Rihanna’s & Britney’s of the world. A majority of country’s stars represent wholesome American values. From Ad Age: Link

Converse expands free recording project & live gig series to UK- Some artists are going to have the opportunity to record with a team of studio professionals & retain all rights to their music. In addition a free concert series called Converse Rubber Tracks Live will feature a “world-renowned headliner” & the local acts that were chosen to record. By MusicWeek: Link

Guitar Center’s YouTube channel beat out hundreds of leading brands at the Content Marketing Awards- Projects included search for the next great American songwriter, world’s largest drum competition, contest to record with Steve Aoki, interviews & performances with featured artists, & more. By Business 2 Community: Link

Marriott debuts hotel brand for Millennials- So what do Millennial travelers want? “We’re thinking more a mindset than age but it’s a mindset that often the younger, tech-enabled traveler can personify,” Sorenson says. “More prominent design in the product, more food & beverage, a somewhat livelier scene, probably a bias toward being in the public space than the guest room, more integrated use of technology”. By USA Today: Link

Brands focused on good- “Lately, it’s the brands that embrace good that seem to be capturing consumers’ attentions & interests, as long as they can buy into the product and cause. What’s different about these companies? They create a purpose & platform upon which to build a business that a consumer can rally behind”. By Brand Magazine: Link

Like music brands seek to distinguish themselves through fragrance- You likely won’t walk into an established retailer today without some sort of music playing. Many industries are now looking to scent as a way to better define their brands. By Ad Age: Link


Music Industry    

Videos after festival grow in budget & impact event marketing- Deemed by Billboard as “festivals’ biggest ticket-sales tactic” music festival’s sought after films are “the best way to get all eyes back on your festival”. By Dancing Astronaut: Link

Best viral videos of 2014- “The viral video. In an age where album and track sales are down and the music industry looks a little bleak, there is one saving grace: the music video that hits it big on YouTube. 2014 was no exception to this rule & some of the biggest hits of the year reached their status thanks to scandalous, funny or straight sexy music videos”. By Music Times: Link


Music Law & Legislation

How Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 is helping change music- Kanye West, Jack White, & Pearl Jam are all using Tom’s software platform. Modlife is a customizable software platform that streamlines the process of selling digital & physical product packages. Fast Company: Link

Smart artists are targeting their fans- Companies like Patreon & PledgeMusic are targeting loyal fans. Patreon allows fans to pledge a certain amount of money per work an artist releases while the fan receives certain rewards. PledgeMusic allows the fan to watch the recording process of an album & receive exclusive offers. The most common way for young artists to give access while growing their fan base is to trade free downloads of their music for an email address. Three of effective platforms are Bandcamp, NoiseTrade, & Topspin. By Hypebot:  Link

Look back on 2014- “The switch to hi-res & wearable technology has pushed the need for a great deal of quick innovation. By Hypebot: Link

Instagram hits 300M users, now bigger than Twitter- Instagram plans on introducing a number of new features in the coming days, including verified badges for brands. By Fox: Link

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