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Weekly Dispatch December 1st, 2014

Carlos Diaz December 1, 2014 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz at Music Audience Exchange.

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Fixing radio: “I’ve written at some length about the difficulties surrounding getting your music played on radio and the bottom line is that unless you’re an artist signed to a major label the chances of you getting any significant radio play for your song is minimal”Link


Brand Marketing & Music

Measuring brand & band partnerships- As turmoil in the music industry continues to grow there’s a revolution developing with brands & artists. As streaming becomes a more prominent consumption model artists are turning to brands for revenue. While partnering with a brand can provide a cash flow (that labels can’t), artists are also being supplied a platform to reach a broader audience outside of their fan base. In return brands are building a strong association with the artist, getting valuable content, engaging customers, & gaining cultural relevance. By Forbes: Link

Brands are changing their interconnected approach & traditional relationship with agencies by bringing it all back home- “The ongoing drive toward achieving an interconnected approach to managing every aspect of a brand is leading a growing number of businesses to shift the control of interconnected marketing (once known as integrated marketing) in-house”. By Marketing Magazine: Link

Live music & brands- As music festivals continue to grow in popularity some brands are getting clever in in their creative messaging to consumers. An example is the Red Bull bus that transforms into a stage. By Asian Age: Link

Guinness is launching Guinness Amplify- Amplify is an ongoing series of live events to celebrate music. ‘Made of More’ is the initiative focused around pushing publicity to local musical talent. By Marketing Interactive: Link

Chrysler launches new videos with Eminem, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons & Phillip Phillips at the American Music Awards. The ads are snippets from the actual videos that will live online at Chrysler’s YouTube channel. The artist & brand are trading equity. By Billboard: Link

Why Chrysler treated ABC’s ‘American Music Awards’ like the Super Bowl. By Variety: Link

Craft beer is preferred over Budweiser with millennials. Bud’s gone flat with young people so instead of bring out the Clydesdales for Christmas they will focus on winning them back by sponsoring food & music festivals. By WSJ: Link

Experiential marketing & alcohol companies- As the rule book on advertising alcohol on TV continues to grow brands are finding ingenious ways to engage consumers. By The Drinks Report: Link

Seven tips for getting millennials to love your food brand. By Fast Casual: Link

Puffs SoftPack™ to sponsor iHeartMedia Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo. By Business Wire: Link


Music Industry

Music marketing today- The problems facing independent musicians continue to grow. Many thought the rise of independent releases would be the opportunity to break out of the record label system & specifically for artists the chance to have their music heard. However this not be the case. By Hypebot: Link

IFPI’s investing in music 2014 shows A&R & marketing spend tops $4.3 billion- Record companies’ annual spending on A&R totals more than $20 billion over the last five years. An example are the costs of breaking an act in a major market are from $500,000 to $2 million. By Billboard: Link

The best music marketing of 2014- Artists & labels search for new ways to drive relevance & to sell records. An example is the Foo Fighter’s ‘Sonic Highways’. By Ad Age: Link

International music festivals booming in popularity & sales- Global festivals are seeing ticket demands increase & sales revenue rise. By Pop Dust: Link

Buying Twitter followers- Musicians buy Twitter followers to be gain more success in the music industry. By Fox: Link


Music Law & Legislation

Cooking Vinyl Group launches music royalty company- The goal of the company is to help rights-holders survive the amount of data associated with streaming services. They’ll offer audits, mechanicals, registrations, & full accounting services. By Music Week: Link


Music Technology

High-fidelity music: Will consumers pay for it & will the music industry support it?- Hi-definition streaming music service Tidal (by Neil Young) offers CD-quality music for twice the price of Spotify or Google Play. Will consumers pay for quality sound? By International Business Times: Link

Music streaming business model is set for ‘massive change’ warns Vevo boss- “Many services are not paying artists/licensees enough & many of the existing deals will not be renewed.” By Mumbrella: Link

Spotify show strong growth- Spotify shows revenues up 74% year over year, subscribers up 39%, & a greater percentage of paying customers up 3%. By The Register: Link

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz

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