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Weekly Dispatch December 29th, 2014

Carlos Diaz December 29, 2014 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Streaming services, artists & brands: Stop whining & start winning- “The suggested solution to align artists, music services (and let’s not forget about us listeners) in a way that benefits everyone is leveraging big data as a new revenue source. The larger opportunity perched in front of our collective noses are brands leveraging big data to identify the musical DNA of customers, then incent music services to empower more of this discovery by creating an entirely new type of ad inventory – inventory that features 3-minute(ish) “sponsored music” spots that today are devoted to organic programming”: Link


Brand Marketing & Music

New celebrity collaboration- Volkswagen, a German car maker, has announced a new collaboration with artist Robbie Williams who’s sold 70 million albums worldwide. By Auto Revolution: Link


For Artists

What labels can to do to satisfy artists – Many argue that the future success of music will involve a better partnership between artists & labels focused on shared access to content & actual fans. Labels however have not developed that level of trust with artists. By Complete Music Update: Link

The real revolution is direct-to-fan & 360 degree deals (multi-revenue stream deals) – Many labels are now demanding a cut of the artist’s revenue streams beyond recordings because of the assistance provided in technical, marketing, & strategic expertise. In reality artists still need these resources & investments. Today 360 degree deals are focused on building fan businesses. These direct-to-fan partnerships have the potential to provide many opportunities for artist & labels. By Complete Music Update: Link

Should artists release surprise albums – In some cases secretly releasing music without any marketing or promotion has been an effective tactic. The idea of surprising fans with an unexpected album was initially started by Beyoncé. Is this tactic effective? By FDRMX: Link


Music Industry    

Discussion with top music festival professionals & promoters – Its critical festival producers stay engaged with their audiences. This is done by seeking top talent/ rising stars & securing relevant sponsorships that attendees associate themselves with. By UMBEL:  Link

Americans care more about experiences than possessions – “The ability to have instant access to any media or information for a nominal fee (if any) has been an increasingly-offered feature since the days of Napster (and now the era of Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Audiobooks, et al.)Today, streaming services & cloud-based technologies mean there isn’t even a file on a hard drive to “own”. Possession is finite, access is unlimited”. By Quartz: Link

Caribbean Music Summit announces additional speakers – Joe Belliotti, Head of Global Music Marketing at Coke & Eric Sheinkop, CEO of Music Dealers were added to the speakers list to discuss music strategy focusing on their work with artists, labels, platforms, & partners. By Virtual Strategy: Link


Music Technology

The emerging digital spectrum & the challenge of freemium – “It’s an important question that will play a key role in how the digital market will mature in the next five years”. By Complete Music Update: Link

Taste test of Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, & iTunes Radio. – By Digital Trends: Link

Why Bose is stepping into streaming. Watch out Apple, Beats – “Given Bose’s history of building expert audio merchandise, each for the customer and the experienced audio planet, can Bose give shoppers anything competing services cannot? The potential to stream lossless audio, perhaps? As Internet capabilities continually enhance, it is becoming much easier to stream bigger files, which would not only be good for the audio nerds among us, but would also be in keeping with Bose’s aura of good quality”. By Macro Insider: Link

Apple launches Tumblr promoting iTunes – Apple has expanded its social media marketing & unveiled an iTunes Tumblr portal.  Apple expects to promote the best of music, TV, movies, & books. By Invest Correctly: Link

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Carlos Diaz

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