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Weekly Dispatch February 2, 2015

Carlos Diaz February 2, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Why Brand & Music Collaborations Need to Work for the Fans, Not the Brands- When it comes to the discussion of partnerships between artists & brands, the conversation tends to focus on the quantifiable end result. How much money did the brand invest in the artist? Did the artist see a residual increase in sales & streams? Did the brand experience large spikes in growth across their social properties? All fair & important questions. But ultimately who deems an artist, a brand & their collaboration a success & the right fit? It’s not the artist or the brand. It’s the fans. At the end of the day, it’s the fan that is the consumer of both the artist’s music & the brand’s product or service. They decide if the partnership feels right & respond accordingly. So, what do fans want?” By Nick Susi: Link


Brand Marketing & Music

Data’s position in music & marketing- Music services like Spotify or Shazam are a goldmine of information for brands interested in targeting segmented audiences. These platforms have millions of users & can collect countless amounts of data. “I can tell you with certainty whether you’ve got a 20-year-old male at 5 p.m. on Thursday afternoon who’s about to go for a run. It’s a great opportunity for us to match brands who want to reach people going for a run, in the car, or marking dinner” says Jeff Levick, chief business officer at Spotify. By CickZ: Link

Spotify’s brand & streaming analysis- A brand impact study was administered by comScore & commissioned by Spotify for Brands (advertising platform). The goal was to quantify the impact that music streaming has on brands. There were 4,500 respondents surveyed from nine countries including the US. Users were divided into categories- Spotify users, users of other streaming services, & people who do not use streaming services. Insights were generated for five key verticals: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone Service Providers, Hair Care, & Retail. By Spotify: Link  

The strategy of sound- “The power of music as a soundtrack to advertising is accepted & (more or less) understood. But today music plays a broader role in building brands – it is not enough just to be the soundtrack to an ad. It also has to be the reason why people get together for an event; to be the content that draws users into digital conversations. And it has to be the glue for communications across time, territories & touch-points. Music is becoming a platform to support multiple activations between customers & brands.” By MediaWeek: Link

Music is an afterthought in brand advertising- Unilever has partnered with music agency Big Sync to supply music services for FMCG’s 400 brands globally. Jorgen Bartsch, VP global marketing at Unilever, admits that while there are some areas of excellence within his brands the area of music needs to be focused on. Big Sync’s services will include: music strategy, licensing, creative music search & amplification. By TheDrum: Link

Pepsi’s Head of Music talks about the Superbowl & more- Emma Quigley, Head Music at Pepsi states, “Pepsi has an incredible history in music. I intend to not only keep that tradition alive, but to also look at new ways of working with artists & with partners”. Pepsi is looking to find new ways to work with emerging artists & have a noticeable impact. They are also working with partners to strengthen their presence in the music space. Quigley states, “Millennial consumers are all about discovering new artists, & Pepsi is helping to bring them a wide range of new content”. By Adweek: Link

Southwest Airlines launches a new in-flight concert & tour- Imagine Dragons & Southwest are launching an intimate new mini-tour for the bands second album titled ‘Smoke + Mirrors’. The deal is one of the first major ventures into music marketing by Southwest. Fans can also enter a sweepstakes to win & experience a four-day, three-night concert with the band. Imagine Dragons will also be performing an acoustic set live in the air at 35 concerts from 35,000 feet in the sky. By Billboard: Link

Bob Dylan markets his music to senior citizens- In the lead-up to his new album ‘Shadows in the Night’ Bob Dylan has decided to give away his music for free. He will be mailing 50,000 copies of the album to AARP subscribers. By Chart Attack: Link

Millennials overtake Baby Boomers- This year Millennials are projected to surpass Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest generation, according the U.S. Census Bureau. By Pew Research: Link


For Artists

Facts that indie artists need to know about the music industry- As an artist if you want to achieve your goals it’s important to focus on the realities of the business. By Hypebot: Link 

Musicians must focus on mastering marketing & their instruments- There are many ways musicians can leverage the digital space to share their art & make money. By PRWeb: Link

An effective marketing plan for artists- A marketing plan should outline the strategies necessary to achieve an artist’s goals. By Hypebot: Link

Greg “The Golden Child” Griffin helps elevate San Antonio’s music scene- More commonly known as Greg G or The Golden Child the singer/rapper/poet/producer is working hard to put San Antonio’s music scene on the map. “San Antonio is a jewel undiscovered. It’s the needle in the haystack that the music industry doesn’t know about,” Greg shared. By UTSA Today: Link

Sacramento rapper talk’s music, messages & marketing- Matt Panasiti is all about business when it comes to his new album & clothing line ‘Music Saved My Life’. By Newsreview: Link


Music Industry    

Russell Simmons is using data to discover new emerging artists- “For ADD, a music label dedicated to promoting emerging artists, having a hunch about a band or musician isn’t good enough. Data must back up that gut intuition. So the label (All Def Digital, fronted by Russell Simmons) is using a music-discovery platform built in conjunction with Samsung, parent label Universal Music Group & Narrative, the digital agency Mr. Simmons co-founded. The platform helps uncover emerging musicians & breakout songs & provides data to quantify the otherwise-organic process of picking hits. The agency aims to pair entertainment culture with brands including clients such as Under Armour & DeLeón tequila.” By Advertising Age: Link

Electronic Dance Music goes mainstream- As brands struggle to reach millennials many are turning to a once underground genre of music. EDM is managing to capture a large, social media-savvy audience including older millennials. By Adweek: Link

Music’s use in sports- As the business continues to grow its becoming increasingly important to measure the success of song plays in a sports environment. “Any time you can get a concentrated amount of people in one space, it definitely helps move the needle,” says Columbia’s Nolan. “Social media & Shazam are the two places where you can see it moving in real-time. We’ll look at iTunes sales & watch Shazam to see if a lot of a lot of people are tracking the song. Shazam has become an important metric for our radio team. The promo guys use Shazam metrics when talking to programmers in order to make programmers understand impact,” says RCA’s Lamberton. By Billboard: Link

CraveOnline partners with TuneCore to deliver a monthly music showcase- CraveOnline Media, the largest online male lifestyle publisher, is partnering with TuneCore to present a monthly showcase featuring emerging artists to independent music influencers while supporting live music. By Press Release Rocket: Link

Wu-Tang Clan’s excellent marketing strategy- As hip hop & recorded music sales continue to fall rap group Wu-Tang Clan is taking a unique approach to releasing their new album. ‘The Wu—Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ will not be sold in stores or on iTunes. The group is launching a listening tour for fans to come & experience the album live. By Atlanta Blackstar: Link 

Nipsey Hussle “music marketing genius”- Nipsey has figured out his own solution to declining recorded music sales. For his mixtapes he allows fans to either download the album online or buy a physical copy & pay a much high price. Last year, Nipsey sold his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 per physical copy. By FDRMX: Link

Creative Commission expands- Creative Commission, an online platform that connects labels, managers & artists with creative talent across video, design, photography & digital, has decided to launch in the US. By MusicWeek: Link


Music Technology

Playlists are reshaping marketing- Warner Music’s purchase of illustrates that playlists are becoming more central to the marketing of artists, singles & albums. By Musically: Link

Music app’s Music Messenger & WhatsApp are exploding- Music Messenger is positioned itself to be the world’s largest music sharing company surpassing industry leaders like Sony, Universal & Warner Music Group. Just three months in & the app is already being backed by some of the industry’s most influential members. The app has two million users that it’s won over by creating a simple way to share music with friends. By Nocamels: Link

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