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Weekly Dispatch January 12, 2015

Carlos Diaz January 12, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

Weekly Dispatch – January 12th, 2015

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Joint Venture to Generate Brand Opportunities for Artists- “Universal Music Group (UMG) and Havas just announced a joint venture they are calling the “Global Music Data Alliance”. This initiative is intended to “utilize data to better understand the correlation among artists, music fans, and brands,” with the intention of generating new brand opportunities for UMG artists. UMG is the biggest record label in the world, the largest of the remaining “big three” (including Warner Music Group and Sony). I wonder how deep this data can really dive?: Link


Brand Marketing & Music

Business tips from The Grateful Dead- In their book Inbound Marketing Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah (the founders of Hubspot) state that The Grateful Dead found extraordinary success by doing three simple things: they created a niche market, they upended traditional marketing strategies to build an audience, & they focused like a laser on the one thing they could do best. Instead of mimicking the Beatles or Rolling Stones the Dead fused jazz, rock, bluegrass & the psychedelic to create an authentic sound: Link

In 2015 brands will need to think like publishers- “Now its brand marketers’ turn to go all in on native, as advertisers large and small are rushing to launch true native ad campaigns.  As they do, they know that to effectively succeed, their own content needs to take center stage.  Content creation coupled with content distribution is what publishers do best. As brands embrace native, they must (and some already do) think like publishers”: Link

GoPro is a lifestyle brand- GoPro’s tagline ‘Be a Hero’ positions it as a lifestyle brand. On the surface the slogan serves as a call to action to buy the product & tell a story. On a deeper level, the slogan promises to bequeath the title of “hero” onto the owner: Link

Budweiser’s millennial Super Bowl ads- Anheuser-Busch is hoping millennials will be #UpforWhatever when it comes to its 2015 Super Bowl campaign. “Millennials want an experience. They want to be surprised, they want to engage with their friends, & even brands, & everywhere they are”: Link

Aristocrat signs deal with Live Nation at the Bayou Music Center- The Aristocrat Group & live-event company Live Nation signed a multi-year contract making RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka the exclusive non-flavored vodka at events held in Houston, Texas. Link

Aloft Hotels launches a ‘100 Days of Music’- Aloft Hotels kicks off a new program with the opening of its 100th hotel at the end of 2015. To showcase the hotel as a live-music destination for leisure & travelers the program will host live concerts: Link

Timberland is using customer data to reintroduce the brand- The bulk of Timberland’s ad are now digital including a YouTube series featuring up-and-coming artists & tastemakers. The focus is an outdoor lifestyle: Link

Boca posts videos promoting the city- Boca Raton now has videos posted with electronic dance music promoting the Boca Raton Bowl: Link

Ford’s new F-150 marketing campaign- Ford’s new F 150 ads will be available on a variety of platforms including football, professional bull riding, country music, & smartphones: Link

Gibson guitars launches into the competitive headphones space- Gibson is launching a new lifestyle brand with the introduction of ‘Trainer by Gibson’ headphones. The product is aimed at athletic people who love music: Link

Cosmetic firms reinvent their marketing with Instagram- “As consumers continue to rely on mobile devices, content-hungry and socially influenced buyers with a high browse-to-buy ratio offer the cosmetic industry a contemporary marketing platform to affect the bottom line without relinquishing image control”: Link


For Artists

Thelonious Monk Institute at UCLA starts a new year- “Musicians in the ensemble, who are selected by a panel of jazz greats like Hancock & Kenny Burrell attend UCLA for two years tuition-free as master’s students & fellows of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz PerformanceLink

70’s rock stars in their parents homes- From the LIFE archives photographer John Olson photographed some of the most influential musicians in 1971 in their parents’ homes: Link


Music Industry

Can big data add $7 billion to the music business? – “By connecting social context with consumer behavior, data can reveal the DNA of music for targeted demographics. The artist could choose whether they want to participate in this data revenue program, & receive fair compensation based on their own engagement with their audience, & each song played via brand channels (i.e. Playlists, stations, etc.) can generate revenue style clicks through distribution platforms like Tunecore or weeSPIN. This allows artists of all sizes to monetize directly from brand engagements generated by their songs, without mixing their art form with distracting audio or rich media ads. Brands can pay for analytics through platforms like these to help build music brand profiles by selecting target demographics, territories, social interests, age groups, & so on”: Link 

Digital music sales dropped 9% & streaming surged 54% in 2014- “The rise of streaming services comes as traditional digital album & song sales are on the decline. Sales of digital albums fell 9 percent in 2014 to 117.6 million, while songs dropped 12 percent to 1.26 billion. Overall album sales, both physical & digital, saw a decline of 11 percent to 257 million. In fact, the only album sales to grow in 2014 were vinyl, which surged 52 percent. With 9.2 million vinyl records sold last year, the legacy format accounted for more than 6 percent of all physical album sales”: Link 

Taylor Swift continues to innovate with social media- Taylor Swift surprises fans with Christmas gifts (15/m YouTube views): Link

Perception marketing- “Music is an important part of many people’s lives. In one survey, respondents were asked what experiences gave them thrills. Musical passages were cited by 96 percent of the respondents, as compared to 70 percent who cited sexual activity”: Link

PBS Special called Hitmakers- Watch the documentary of the music industry’s resilience in the digital age from the perspective of artists, labels, & managers: Link

2015 may be a ‘vinyl wonderland’ for millennial music lovers- In the era of Spotify & iTunes, millennials are part of an old-time resurgence. “It’s amazing, really, how many younger people these days are getting into vinyl”: Link


Music Law & legislation

Music copyright- “The law rewards people who invest time, money or creative energy into creating content with certain controls over how that content is subsequently used & distributed. And if they so wish, they can exploit those controls to earn money from their work. And that’s pretty much it”: Link


Music Reviews

Best DJs in Dallas- With the recent influx of events in Dallas the city is turning into an ‘event town’. To be successful you need a variety of different entertainment for tourists that are there for a short window & looking to unwind. This means a strong club scene, bar scene, world-class hotels, & awesome DJ’s: Link

Rising stars to watch in 2015- Musicians we should keep an eye on: Link


Music Technology

Deezer acquires Muve Music- The streaming battles heats up in the US as Deezer & Cricket Wireless create an exclusive agreement. Through the acquisition of Cricket’s music service Deezer is making a significant inroad in the market. Deezer will be reaching millions of new customers in the pre-paid market segment: Link

Neil Young launches a high-res music player- Young is looking to upgrade digital music with higher audio quality for music lovers. The Pono Player is now being sold online & will offer downloads of two million songs in resolution above the MP3: Link

Study: 51% of millennials prefer Netflix to broadcast tv & cable- Report shows that 28% of millennials watch TV on tablets & 22% on smartphones: Link

Smart URL indie music industry marketing launches new websites- “Website featuring a Music Industry Cross Promotion URL Shortening Community – free to use with 50% commission payouts on smart music marketing ad campaign orders”. Smart Music Industry Marketing Features include- Smart Video Music Marketing and Smart MP3 Music Marketing Strategies: Link

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