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Weekly Dispatch January 19, 2015

Carlos Diaz January 19, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Artists & Brands Make Their Fans/Customers Teachers- “The key to marketing is shifting the burden of promotion from the band/brand to the fan/customer. This truly is a requirement if you’re ever going to experience real growth. However, it’s easier said than done”: Link 


Brand Marketing & Music

Hilton is now Live Nation’s official hotel- Hilton will become the official partner of Live Nation as part of a five-year deal. As part of the new agreement Hilton’s guest-program members will gain access to exclusive hotel events, concerts & experiences. By Billboard: Link

Top Shelf partners with Groovlye Records to help brand its products- Top Shelf Brands has secured a partnership with Groovlyne/Konlive Distribution/Konvict Records to create a competitive advantage in the alcohol beverage industry. “We are poised to change the face of the tequila industry with Besado so it makes perfect sense to partner up with the biggest innovators in the music business” said Top Shelf Brands’ CEO Alonzo Pierce. By PR Newswire: Link

Marriott Hotels invites guests to record their travel with GoPro- “We live in a digital & social age. Through this program at Marriott Hotels, we’re giving guests a fun way to tell their own travel story using the versatile & memory making GoPro technology & immediately share their content with friends & family” said Craig S. Smith, President of the Caribbean & Latin America at Marriott International. By MarriottLink

4 tips for help brands reach millennials- The millennial generation represents 25% of the population & more than $200 billion in annual buying power in the US. Companies from every industry are vying for this generation’s attention by looking to make life more efficient & convenient through technology. By Huffington Post: Link

Abercrombie & Fitch’s plan to reinvent itself- In an effort to reposition itself as a more inclusive brand Abercrombie is adamant about meeting customers where they live: on Instagram, Facebook, & Snapchat. A&F is pursuing Generation Z. The brand is uploading an average of four to five photos per day for its 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Abercrombie has had the most success on Facebook, where they have ten million likes. By Racked: Link

Timberland & Omni United form tire partnership- Omni United, owner of the Radar, Goodride, Roadlux & Corsa tires distributed in the US hopes to catch consumers’ attention with the recognized Timberland brand name. “We want to bring fashion into the tire market. It’s been a successful model in other industries. If one views tires as the ‘shoes’ of a car, the Timberland name brings panache” said Sagra Maceira, an Omni United advisory board member. By Rubber News: Link

The Consumer Electronics Show needs to rebrand itself- CES needs a more inclusive, expansive name to reflect the current reality & future potential of technological innovation. It has outgrown its hardware-centric identity. An example are the several automotive brands like Ford, GM, & Audi that eclipsed CES’s traditional tech companies by showcasing truly useful & breakthrough innovations. By Forbes: Link


Music Industry    

Music lovers are turning to vinyl & dropping downloads- According to data released last week by Nielsen Soundscan, more than 9.2 million vinyl records were sold in the US last year, a 52% increase over last year. The WSJ reports that vinyl sales are the highest numbers recorded by SoundScan since 1991. Nielsen also reported that streaming was up but purchases of downloads dropped 9% for albums & 12% for songs last year. By Time: Link

Survey concludes that entertainment marketing increases consumer sales- 52% of marketer’s state TV is the most utilized platform then digital. Film is used by 29% of marketers, celebrities 23%, & music 20%. Furthermore 43% of consumers have been influenced to purchase products after seeing a celebrity endorsement. By MarketWatch: Link

Content marketing tips by Johnny Cash- “Cash’s stories were nothing but authentic. Whether he was singing about the plight of the US prison population, the Native American people or poverty stricken agricultural workers (cotton pickers), or perhaps singing more upbeat gospel tunes from his youth, you could believe every single word he said.” By Business2Community: Link

Why can’t festivals just announce their lineups? – Festival announcements are becoming increasingly outlandish because events today are automatically competing with hundreds of similarly billed gatherings around the world. In an over-saturated festival market, there’s an increased need to make what is essentially a list of names both alluring & relevant for an audience of digital natives. By TheGuardian: Link 

Why do shops play music? – The theory behind playing music in shops relates to mood. The idea is that pleasant music puts us in a better mood & that drives purchasing decisions. In a 2005 study Rutgers University found that even when people didn’t think their mood was affected by the music playing in the shop they spent more on impulse purchases when the music made the surroundings more pleasant. By AOL: Link

Northsight Capital announces strategic marketing deal with music marketing expert Donovan Leitch- Northsight Capital has announced the signing of an agreement with musician/producer Donovan Leitch to assist in management of the marketing campaigns & brand recognition for Weed Depot. is a new first to market smart phone app, internet based dispensary, head shop, tattoo parlor, advertising, mapping & content delivery platform for the cannabis industry. By PR Newswire: Link

CraveOnline Media teams up with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Network- CraveOnline, the largest online male lifestyle publisher, announced a strategic online/offline marketing partnership with The EDM Network which owns the world’s premier destination for electronic dance music online, By BusinessWire: Link

Emotional responses to music are universal- Frontiers in Psychology has found that some of the ways in which music affects us are the same worldwide & regardless of cultural diversity. By Medical News Today: Link


Music Technology

Radio still beats digital for the discovery of music- Data shows that 51% of music consumers in the U.S. still find new tunes through radio. 243 million adults aged 12 and over are still tuning into the radio every week. By Digital Trends: Link

Deezer expands US footprint- To compete with Rhapsody & Spotify digital streaming service Deezer has acquired Cricket’s Muve Music and will be offering music for $6 per month. By Yibada: Link

Spotify targets wider digital advertising in Hong Kong- In Asia, Spotify is working with global brands like Nike & Adidas to harness the appeal of music playlists & provide an interactive experience to their target audience. By SCMP: Link

Millennials love paying for TV- Millennials & Generation X don’t like cable. According to a recent survey by comScore, “18-34 year olds are 77% more likely than average to be a ‘cord-never’ household, having never subscribed to pay TV, & 67% more likely than average to be a ‘cord cutter’ household where they once subscribed and have cancelled”. By Huffington Post: Link

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Carlos Diaz

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