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Weekly Dispatch January 5th, 2015

Carlos Diaz January 5, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Where Do We Go From Here- “When I think back on this year, I realize that the question I get asked the most — both from people in the music business & those outside of it — is something along the lines of, “Where do you think the music business is headed?”: Link


Brand Marketing & Music

The influence of music & sound on consumers- Author & composer Joel Beckerman has built a career of translating music into marketing strategies. In his new book (The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel and Buy) Beckerman discusses decades of insights & experiences. “Apple proved that if you love a company, you will do business with them. A very, very valuable commodity is your brand— not just for its own sake, but in terms of how it helps you monetize customer relationships. That’s one of the things that sound does, probably more powerfully than anything else, just because it acts on this really primal part of your brain. It gives you these emotional reactions & emotional connections in a matter of just a second”. By Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: Link

Collision of entertainment, marketing & communication- Lucien Boyer, President & CEO, Havas Sports & Entertainment, states that brands “will source all of their communications content from peoples’ passions. Consumers today are not just fans, but connected fans. As such there is a growing need for compelling content to nourish these different devices & satisfy peoples’ essential need” for the content that connects consumers at the time & place they need it. By MediaPost: Link

Brands that may not make it in 2015- It’s been a banner year for corporate America but not all companies have done well. By Yahoo: Link 

The pull & push periods of the internet- The development of the internet has been ever changing but there are noticeable patterns that have developed by observing users actions. By CDixon Blog: Link 

Boost conversion with effective content marketing strategies- Content has become the most important part of a digital strategy. This new type of marketing is impacting traffic to a site, organic placement, & revenue. By Tech Cocktail: Link


For Artists

Keys to building a personal music brand- Many artists would prefer an organic approach to building their brand online however it’s key that the musician decides who they are & don’t leave it up to others. By Hypebot: Link

Five country music acts to watch out for this upcoming year- Here’s a handful of fresh names & faces that are expected to generate some excitement this year. By Dallas Observer: Link


Music Industry 

Concerns over ticketing to music events continue- The ticketing debate continues focused on secondary ticketing, as well as, add-on commissions & fees. By Complete Music UpdateLink

Key to standing out in the music festival market- Live music has become highly saturated in recent years & effective PR is now essential to an events success. By Complete Music Update: Link

INgrooves Music Group founder and CEO resigns- By Music Industry News Network: Link

MusicFile awards entrepreneurial business of the year- By Savannahnow: Link


Music Law & legislation

Google’s challenges continue with the record labels- Google’s is continuing to effectively use YouTube to distribute its music content while the labels resent the preferential royalty rates. Other streaming services are also being effected as Youtube & Google Play are hindering their market growth. In addition to royalties the labels are concerned over Google’s search engine & their resistance to assist in the music industry’s battle over online piracy. By Complete Music Update: Link


Music Technology

Pandora is focusing on enticing musicians with data instead of royalties- Pandora’s success is contingent on successfully appealing to artists. Currently half its revenue goes to pay royalties. They also have a much smaller music catalog than competitors like Spotify. To satisfy artists Pandora has launched a new data offering as a tool that delivers analytics & helps artist interact with fans. Pandora hopes musicians will view the company as more than just a revenue stream. By SFGate: Link

Google music searches now have links to Google Play- Google has begun to show lyrics of songs directly in the search results. For example “a search for [stairway to heaven video] displays a video from YouTube, the artist name and album name, the release date, followed by a snippet of lyrics, with a link to Google Play for the full lyrics”. By Search Engine Land: Link

Digital music streaming results for 2014- “It was a mixed year of momentous achievement and intensifying controversy, which makes it an opportune moment for an end of term report card”. By Hypebot: Link

Mediocre iPad’s may create a new market- Most found that the sound quality of the iPod Classic (2006-2009) was acceptable however that quality has deteriorated sharply since then & especially in the iPhone 5. Fiio’s X3, has introduced an iPod-sized unit that offers astonishing audio quality that is comparable to CDs played on high-end equipment. By LA Times: Link

Amazon is becoming the new Spotify- Taylor Swift pulled her tunes off Spotify two months ago because she believes, “Valuable things should be paid for”. Swift’s frustration is now being felt by authors whose income are being effected by Amazon low book prices. Talented authors may soon see little reward for their efforts. By Bellingham Herald: Link

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