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Weekly Dispatch March 30, 2015

John Maxwell March 30, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce compiled by Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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The Exchange” Interview Series by Music Audience Exchange Now on Soundcloud - As part of an ongoing effort to keep a finger on the pulse of artists and artist-brand partnerships, Music Audience Exchange has launched “The Exchange” series of artist interviews. Tune in regularly to The Exchange. Link



Note to Brands: Social Media Stars Are (probably) Not The New Celebrity Endorsers - From YouTube and Snapchat and Vine to Instagram, brands have been turning to popular social media personalities to connect with a new generation of consumers who are often difficult to reach via traditional channels. By Econsultancy: Link

Fender Accelerator Tour Launches In Support Of Emerging Artists And Provides Customized Tour Vans, Music Gear, Marketing & Production Support – Fender, the world’s leading musical instrument brand, today unveiled the Fender Accelerator Tour, a new initiative that provides emerging musicians the support and resources they need to grow their fan base and promote their music. Kicking off this week and extending through June, the Fender Accelerator Tour is made up from a diverse collection of musicians on tours throughout the U.S. and Canada including: Night Terrors of 1927; Priory; Matthew Curry; Marmozets, Deap Vally and Waters, with several others to be announced. Each band is receiving tour support including a customized 15-passenger touring van, promotional and marketing support, and Fender gear, including electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amps and accessories. To keep the tour moving at full speed, Fender is also covering all fuel and vehicle maintenance needs. By PR Newswire: Link

Millennial News Site Mic Premieres First Video Series in 2015 Push - Opening up a video division has become new-media companies’ way of announcing their arrival. In the past couple of years, BuzzFeed and Vox Media have seriously stepped up their video games, launching in-house production studios with names like BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and Vox Entertainment. Now it is Mic’s turn in the spotlight. By Advertising Age: Link

Watch a New Music Video / Energy Drink Ad For QT’s ‘Hey QT’ - PC Music — the somewhat secretive UK cabal of DJs and alternate-universe pop stars — seemed to be everywhere at SXSW this year. And less than a week after their packed SXSW showcase, which felt like a bit of a coming-out party, their crown princess and “future pop sensation” QT has released a shiny new video for her first (and only) single “Hey QT.” By The Verge: Link



The Musician’s Guide to the Complete Marketing Plan, Part 1 – Marketing is the complete process of innovating products and services to satisfy fans, build awareness, and make sales. This process involves a series of important building blocks including researching, goal setting, strategizing, and executing. By Sonic Bids: Link



Apple and Beats Developing Streaming Music Service to Rival Spotify - Almost a year after agreeing to pay $3 billion for Beats, the maker of hip headphones and a streaming music service, Apple is working with Beats engineers and executives to introduce its own subscription streaming service. The company is also planning an enhanced iTunes Radio that may be tailored to listeners in regional markets, and, if Apple gets what it wants, more splashy new albums that will be on iTunes before they are available anywhere else, according to people briefed on the company’s plans. In a sign of how important Beats is in reshaping Apple’s digital music, the company has made a musician a point man for overhauling the iPhone’s music app to include the streaming music service, as opposed to an engineer. Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails frontman who was the chief creative officer for Beats, is playing a major role in redesigning the music app. By The New York Times: Link

Jay Z’s Tidal trumps Spotify by streaming Taylor Swift’s music - By CNBC: Link

Spotify’s Head of Branded Experiences on Tuning In to Music Marketing - Here to explain the ins and outs of marketing with the platform is Jack Milligan, head of branded experiences, EMEA, at Spotify, who took to the underground stage at Advertising Week Europe on Wednesday (March 23) for a session on carving great music strategies. A session at Ad Week focused on brands ‘failing to find their rhythm’ with music. Why should they pursue this opportunity? Jack Milligan: “I don’t think we are saying all brands are failing to crack music by any means – it’s just that lots try but don’t really commit to it. Too many brands dip into music and tick a box, not really committing long term or doing anything meaningful. We just say to brands that if you’re serious about music then really spend time building something that people will connect with over a longer period of time to feel the full benefit. It’s also so important to work with artists who buy into the project and are popular with the target audience. It is all too easy to think of an artist that the marketing director likes, but not the audience. At Spotify, our data can help identify the right connections.” By Performance IN: Link

Pandora to Provide Customized Music Station in BWS Stores - Internet radio service, Pandora, has partnered with Australian liquor retailer, BWS, to bring a customized music platform into its stores nationally. In what it claims is its first entry into the Australian retail market, Pandora will stream curated music stations for each participating BWS store based on what consumers are listening to already across postal codes surrounding each location. Pandora’s customers will also be able to stream the branded BWS radio stations outside of the store. By CMO: Link

Music Execs: How Much Free Streaming Is Too Much? - It’s kind of a love/hate thing: Streaming services account for nearly a third of music industry revenue. But the labels say streaming should have its limits.
Recently, there is increasing talk of record labels pushing back to boost their take from free or “freemium” music streaming services. As the Verge reported, Universal Music Group is pressuring Spotify to put harsher limits on its free service, putting a lower cap on what users can listen to without paying for a $10 monthly subscription. Other companies, including Sony Music and Warner Music, have also expressed concerns. By CBS News: Link

Amazon’s Prime Music iOS App Now Streams Ad-Free Stations - Amazon’s Prime Music is no Spotify killer; with its fairly sparse and random catalog, the on-demand music service is mostly a nice “there when you need it” perk for Prime subscribers. Recently, the company updated its Prime Music iOS app with a feature that is basically Amazon’s take on Pandora or iTunes Radio. Genre and artist-based Prime Stations, which launched on the web a few months ago, can now be easily streamed on iPhone. By The Verge: Link



Stingray Music Takes Flight With Air Canada’s enRoute In-Flight Entertainment- Stingray announced today an exciting partnership with Air Canada and Spafax, making Stingray the main music content partner for the Air Canada enRoute in-flight entertainment system. “As a Canadian company, we are thrilled to mark our debut in the in-flight entertainment industry with Air Canada, the largest Canadian airline,” said Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray. “In addition to providing Air Canada customers with the highest quality music content in flight, our partnership includes the promotion of great Canadian artists and musicians. By Market Wired: Link

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John Maxwell

John Maxwell is a marketing analyst with Music Audience Exchange and has over 20 years of marketing and media buying experience across a range of industries. John writes about overlooked, yet exceptional albums in his SONIC GEMS column for Music Marketing Money. John has a BA in Public Relations from SMU.
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