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Weekly Dispatch March 9, 2015

Carlos Diaz March 9, 2015 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz & Music Audience Exchange.

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Mountain Dew & Soundcloud’s “Green Label Sound: Open Call”- “Everyone knows Mountain Dew. Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers & Millennials are all familiar with the Dew-swigging free spirits seen in generations of ads that are now synonymous with the brand. Featuring the likes of rock climbers, white water rapid crazies & BMX daredevils, Mountain Dew ad campaigns have left us with an image of the brand that really doesn’t have much to do with the product at all. The image is the Mountain Dew lifestyle. Today’s savvy marketers (like the folks at Mountain Dew) know they can’t go on forever using yesterday’s one-way ad messages alone. So about a decade ago, Mountain Dew added a big dose of experiential marketing to its arsenal with the Dew Tour series of extreme sporting events. Stepping outside the traditional advertising exercise of making ads & buying media allowed Mountain Dew to truly interact with its customers. The brand learned some important cultural things about Mountain Dew drinkers at Dew Tour events: Mountain Dew drinkers were into music & arts in a big way.”  By John Maxwell: Link



GoPro & Guitar Center launch ‘Done in One’- GoPro has announced a new campaign allowing musicians the opportunity to capture their best Go Pro musical moment. The ongoing multi-tiered national campaign is co-presented with Guitar Center. Contestants will submit their best raw GoPro music clip for a chance to win career supporting packages from Guitar Center, GoPro, & participating partners. By MarketWatch: Link

Team Detroit plans to showcase their new consumer targeted initiative at SXSW- In the past Team Detroit has partnered with Pandora to tap into insights from music consumption to support innovative digital & branding campaigns. Some first to market initiatives include leveraging the connected car to serve Pandora listeners with targeted marketing messages through in-car integration. By PR Newswire: Link

The PGA’s millennial marketing strategy- The PGA Tour has changed its pitch in an effort to reach more millennials. The pro golf tour wants to get this coveted demographic on the fairways, around the greens & “into” the sport. “We’re trying to create that festival environment, where there’s something for everyone,” asserts David Pillsbury, President of Championship Management for the PGA Tour. “Some fans coming are not familiar with golf at all, but they’re coming because it’s an event. It’s not just because of golf, it’s about the food, fashion, it’s a sexy event.” The Tour is touting outside the ropes “experiences” with social media-friendly, targeted marketing including “hash-taglines” such as #Morethangolf. By Fox Business: Link

Renaissance Hotels & Indiewalls launch “The Art of Discovery”- In keeping with Renaissance Hotels’ belief that every traveler should always “Live Life to Discover”, the lifestyle brand announced today “The Art of Discovery,” an artistic collaboration with The Creative Coalition. This year’s art project has been curated by Indiewalls in order to create custom art programs that connect local artists with commercial properties (boutique hotels, restaurants, corporate offices), thus bringing vibrant artwork to those public spaces. By Hospitalitynet: Link

AT&T divulges how millennials are using their smartphones & how to market to them- “I call them universal millennial truths: being transparent, authentic, immediate & versatile. Everything that we do really has to deliver on those. Something we’ve seen as effective is highlighting their mobile life & everyday moments,” states Director of Youth Marketing, Catherine Borda. By Adweek: Link

8 things millennials want & don’t want compared to their parent’s generation- Goldman Sachs released a fascinating series of charts this week about millennials & how they differ from Generation Xers & Baby Boomers. Some topics include marriage, finances & how they consume media. Millennials are also less interested in the material things that represented success for many Boomers. By Washington Post: Link

No excuses on not measuring ROI- “We have come a long way since the early days of experiential marketing. Back then, sampling alone or banners around a stage were deemed enough to create deeper consumer engagement. New technologies & a more empowered consumer have, of course, changed all of that.” By Event Magazine: Link

Amazon tests a millennial market strategy with its first retail store- Amazon & Purdue University have raised some eyebrows with the opening of Amazon’s first ever retail store, located on campus. The store is a pick-up & drop-off location for Amazon Student & Prime members. The store offers free one-day pickup for textbooks, school supplies & anything else offered by Amazon. By Chicago Now: Link



Four secrets for regular high quality performances- “To avoid overexposing your brand in one market, most people agree that you should perform once monthly in your local territory & make each gig an explosive night to remember. The rule of thumb is “quality before quantity.” However, if you desire to perform more than just one time per month, there are four basic exceptions to the rule that you should consider strongly.” By Hypebot: Link



Music in marketing- According to Colleen Fahey, the US Managing Director of Sixieme Son, “Audio branding’s approach uses unique & proprietary sound & music to convey a brand’s essence & values. It provides a consistent system of sound that connects people with a brand at a profound level. That audio DNA is represented in the sound effects, brand music, & video content used across a brand’s entire marketing campaign”. By Skyword: Link

Growth of music mashups & a technology to track it- The music industry is gearing up to generate revenue from the billions of hours of DJ mixes & mashups that dance music fans are listening to online. Most streaming services don’t include DJ creations or user-made mixes in their song libraries because they don’t have a way to pay for them. Record labels, meanwhile, have been slow to agree on a revenue-sharing plan. Dubset Media has developed a technology to track how much of each song is played in any given DJ made track or mix. It can then calculate royalties owed to those artists whose music was sampled.  By Wall Street Journal: Link

Maroon 5’s integrated marketing strategy- Many marketers have dismissed Maroon 5’s wedding crasher “Sugar” video as a PR stunt however the video represents a highly strategic integrated marketing plan that unifies the band’s digital efforts to meet its large scale marketing goals. By MediaPost: Link

Drake ties the Beatles for most simultaneous top 100 hits due to disruptive marketing tactics- “How’d he do it? The formula was simple; bait the social sphere into pressing play. Drop a ‘surprise’ mixtape with a full length’s worth of tracks, stir up rumors that you did it to get out of a sour record deal & watch the Spotify plays soar.  Drake’s success is the perfect storm: a top quality product paired with genius social engineering. Like Beyonce, he’s the prototype for the new music industry & a place where disruptive marketing is king & the top of the charts are just a page view away. Cause a stir, coax a play & top the charts.” By Dancing Astronaut: Link

Inspirational content marketing by Taylor Swift- Taylor Swift is so inspiring because she’s a content marketing genius who lives by the principles of show empathy, know your niche, collaborate, get to the point & take risks. By Business2Community: Link

Top 5 use cases for leveraging an athlete ambassador’s content- The list includes getting authorized product reviews, responding to social posts, hashtag campaigns, social proof & driving traffic for a campaign. By Transworld: Link

Sony & Universal report out on 2014 results- Sony Music will likely see a 2% rise in fiscal 2014. Sony projects flat revenues for 2015. Universal Music Group reported disappointing revenues despite having the top three US albums of the year: “Frozen,” “1989” & “In the Lonely Hour”. Revenues were off 6.7%. By NY Post: Link
Spotify & Deezer plan on revealing what factors are driving streams in 2015- At the upcoming Great Escape conference Will Hope, Spotify’s Director of Label Relations, plans on giving insights into what drives streams on Spotify & tips on how labels can maximize their plays. With playlists undoubtedly a key part of the equation, Deezer’s James Foley will also explain curation & editorial work on his platform.  By Complete Music Update: Link
CMA music festival lineup- The Country Music Association has announced the lineup for the 2015 CMA Music Festival concert series at Nashville’s LP Field. The annual festival includes country music performers meeting their fans in person, signing autographs daily in their booths, posing for pictures & performing in various settings all throughout Nashville. By Taste of Country: Link

SXSW music festival lineup- SXSW Music Conference & Festival has added more than 200 Showcasing Artists. By SXSW: Link

Rdio Presents at 2015 SXSW- Rdio is sending out emails to individual users asking them to RSVP to SXSW & receive specific playlists & exclusive tracks.  Ketel One, Don Julio, & Shazam are sponsoring the campaign. By Rdio: Link

A hundred more acts added to The Great Escape festival- Great new bands have been added to the lineup for this year’s Great Escape. The event is Europe’s leading festival for new music.  By Complete Music Update: Link

Jay-Z faces growing opposition over his bid for Aspiro streaming service- Jay-Z can add small Swedish shareholders to his “99 Problems”. The Swedish shareholders’ association announced that it has gathered support from more than 10% of investors to oppose the deal.  By Financial Times: Link

Björk will not put music on Spotify- Björk is keeping her new album Vulnicura off Spotify. Echoing comments made by Taylor Swift & other artists, Björk says “this streaming thing just does not feel right. I don’t know why, but it just seems insane…To work on something for two or three years & then just, Oh, here it is for free. It’s not about the money; it’s about respect, you know?” By The Current: Link

Is ‘Empire’ taking its music on tour?-  FOX is mulling over the possibility of a Glee-like tour, taking the hip hop themed show on the road, according to Entertainment Weekly. By ET Online: Link



Pharrell Williams testifies on whether he copied Marvin Gaye’s music in ‘Blurred Lines’- Williams & others are being sued by Gaye’s children who claim “Blurred Lines” infringes their father’s copyrights for his 1977 “Got to Give It Up” album.  Williams’ wrote the song’s music & most of its lyrics. By NY Daily News: Link



Apple’s Spotify killer may be coming in June- Apple is reportedly planning to unveil its streaming music service, which will be powered by Beats Music, at its big developer event in June, according to 9to5Mac.  Mark Gurman is reporting that it will be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple usually unveils its next version of iOS. By Business Insider: Link

A new music focused network ‘FM’ is being launched by Fuse TV’s parent company- There is a new channel coming that will take us back to seeing music on our TV’s. FM is the name of the new music focused venture, which Billboard reports will focus on music, specifically on lesser known artists. By Forbes: Link

Facebook is the ‘most effective’ for event amplification- New research has shown that marketers consider Facebook the best social network to amplify content before & after an event. Twitter was ranked as the most effective tool to use while on-site at an event. By Event Magazine: Link

You can now test out Google’s music streaming service at a huge discount- Google is offering a big discount to entice people to its subscription music streaming service Play Music. Play Music usually costs $9.99 a month, but Google is offering a three-month subscription for $3. Not $3 a month $3 total. By Business Insider: Link

Samsung has come out on top for impressions in the 2014 Mobile Device Index- Samsung has become the manufacturer with the largest number of impressions eclipsing Apple & contributing to an overall increase in Android impressions up 7% from 2013. By PerformanceIN: Link

Mobile app for music festivals- World Patent Marketing has announced the development of a new mobile app which will make concerts, music festivals & other social activities more interactive. Bangles, a wearable Internet appliance & mobile app hybrid is aimed at creating a better user experience at events. The device makes user picture taking an integrated part of the experience & makes it easier to catalog the pictures from the event. The mobile app invention facilitates sharing pictures & video with others who have attended the event. By Virtual-Strategy Magazine: Link

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