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Social Conversion: The “Warm and Fuzzy” of Ad-Tech

We all know marketing clients demand performance metrics: CTRs, time on site, impressions, etc. But have you ever watched your client’s face light up when you show him or her some warm and fuzzy social media engagement? Performance stats might push budgets, but the value of authentic, native social content is compelling and can’t be limited to just “like” counts or CTRs. Sure, you can apply numbers to measure social conversions, but the true value lies beyond metrics.




For Nielsen, A New Push Amid The Growing Music Data Boom

The same strategy that helped make Jay-Z’s Tidal a disaster is making Apple look brilliant

THIS Is The Age When People Stop Keeping Up With Popular Music, According To Spotify
Huffington Post
REVOLT Gears Up To Take Music Network To The Next Level
PR Newswire

Newlink report: Digital platforms key in reaching Hispanic Millennials
PR Week

Universal Music Group Distribution Brand Closes, Functions Re-Homed

Music streaming grew 81% in the UK last year — and it’s getting even more popular
Business Insider

How The Millennial Generation Could Affect The Economy Over The Next Five Years

Music Startup Jukely Pulls In $8 Million To Expand Its Concert Subscription Service

Instagram Launches @Music, Its First Official Content Vertical

Why brands like Unilever and Microsoft are paying to get inside the music slipstream
Marketing Magazine UK

What Consumer Brands Need to Know About YouTube

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