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Weekly Dispatch November 17th, 2014

Carlos Diaz November 17, 2014 Weekly Dispatch No Comments

This is a weekly digest of the top news at the intersection of the music industry, brand marketing and commerce courtesy of Carlos Diaz, VP Operations at Music Audience Exchange. 


“This article Music Times that expands upon a study from Next Big Sound stating that 90.7 percent of ‘music artists are complete unknowns’ pisses me off. Whether the 90.7 number is off a little or a lot doesn’t much matter if you’re an artist who is frustrated.” Link

“The recent firestorm of controversy over Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her catalogue from Spotify is a classic red herring. While this strategy may work for a singular superstar, how many Taylor Swifts are there in the music industry?” Link


Brand Marketing & Music

To celebrate Mustang’s 50th birthday Ford & Hard Rock have chosen 10 up-and-coming artists to tour across the US. By Forbes: Link

Usher releases his new track ‘Clueless’ available exclusively in Honey Nut Cheerios boxes sold at Walmart amidst the prolonged wait for his new album ‘UR’. By Billboard: Link

McDonald’s presents the Global Spin Awards for the most talented DJ’s in the world which includes a 3 day music experience across NYC. By Business Wire: Link

American Eagle builds on the brand motto ‘live your life’ by running a music & dance competition on Instagram in Hong Kong for a chance to win a live performance. By Marketing Interactive: Link

‘95% of money brands spend on music is wasted’. By Creative Review: Link

Millennials want lifestyle brands to support the community, find adventure, connect, entertain, & align with their values. By Say Daily: Link

U.S. Army partners with Music for All & Youth Education to support marching bands across the country. By PR Newswire: Link


Music Industry

Bono defends Spotify and calls for more transparency from the record labels. “The real enemy is not digital downloads its transparency. We always wanted our music to be heard, and the idea that it might not be heard is terrifying. So we were just thrilled that we got this chance.” By The Guardian: Link

Emerging artist competition from Spotify: Link

YouTube is one of the primary ways consumers discover & listen to music. Google just took it to the next level with the launch of YouTube Music Key- subscription-based music service. By Marketing Land: Link

Interesting article about the digitization of music, & economy/ value of music as a service. By Harvard Business Review: Link

Why artists need to clean up their online presence. By Hypebot: Link

Warner Music & online giant Tencent strike a first of its kind distribution deal between a leading Chinese Internet provider and a major music company. By Hollywood Reporter: Link


Music Technology

Live Nation & Vice Media plan to launch a network for music programming that includes original shows & editorial content. By Variety: Link

The music industry should consider SMS marketing. Texts have a 98% open rate & artists can connect with their fans regarding concerts, appearances, album releases, etc. By Hypebot: Link

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz

Carlos is Chief Revenue Officer at Music Audience Exchange. Previously, Carlos built and operated large sales organizations for marketing and technology companies including ReachLocal, Neustar and Hibu.
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